Technical details
STC (Sistema de Transporte Colectivo)

Lines 1, 2 and 3: 1967 – 1970; 

Lines 4 to 7: 1977 – 1985 

Line A: 1988 – 1991 

Line 8: 1992 – 1994 

Line B: 1997 – 2002 

Line 12: 2014 – 2015 

Project management; Technical assistance to the project owner; Independent checking
Urban mobility

SYSTRA designed and supervised the deployment of the Mexico City Metro for almost half a century, from its beginnings in 1967 to 2015. This makes the Group the historic engineering partner for this metro, the largest in Latin America.

With 12 lines and a total length exceeding 200km, Mexico City’s metro network is essential to the mobility of more than 4.5 million passengers a day, making it one of the top 10 busiest metros in the world. SYSTRA played a significant role in its creation, starting in 1967 with the definition of operating and maintenance principles, the design of the structures and the drafting of technical specifications for lines 1, 2 and 3, as well as their rolling stock and workshop.

Commissioned in 1969, the Mexico City network was then expanded to include nine other lines between 1981 and 2012. SYSTRA, under the name of its local subsidiary Mexistra created specifically for the project, was at the heart of all the development phases of this metro, the highest in the world relative to sea level. Currently, the metro serves all the districts of the Mexican capital.

Our last assignment dates back to 2014 withthe renovation of Line 12, on which we worked for 18 months. This line was not the subject of any design or works supervision by our Group during its construction. We responded to the call from the STC to analyse traffic problems and carry out the anticipated renovation work. Since then, the line has been running normally again at its initial operating speed. Furthermore, in order to prepare its modernisation, SYSTRA submitted a complete design for the automation of Line 1 in 2015.