Technical details
Société de Transport de Montréal (STM)

1962: design engineering for the Montreal Metro
2019: contract for the renovation of the Montreal Metro’s assets
2025: end of the ‘Reno-Systems’ program

Partnership with WSP (since 2019)

More than half a century after designing it, SYSTRA won the contract to renovate the Montreal Metro with the aim of a complete modernisation. The network transports nearly 1.5 million people every day and nearly 400 million people every year.

The Montreal Metro is the backbone of collective mobility in Quebec’s largest city. As early as 1962, SYSTRA carried out the design studies for the first three lines of the network based on technologies tried and tested on the Paris Metro (driving controls, running on tyres, etc.) at a time when our Group was called SOFRETU.

 In order to modernise this network, which has demonstrated the pertinence of its routes and capacities, Société de transport de Montréal (STM), the public transport agency that operates Montreal’s integrated transit network launched the Reno-Systems program in 2019, which aims to rethink the entire metro system. SYSTRA won the contract as leader of a consortium responsible for renewing the equipment and upgrading the infrastructure.

 The fields of action of this vast programme cover network power supply, tunnel ventilation, rail signalling, train control commands and the treatment and mitigation of noise pollution. This heavy task will benefit passengers and local residents and will be completed by 2025.