Technical details
Korea Rail Network Authority

August 2012: start date of Basic Design
February 2013: start of Detailed Design
January 2014: start of construction
2017: construction completed
2018: bridge inaugurated

Tender design and detailed design
Dodam, South Korea
Bridge and Structures

In Korea, the Dodam-Yeongcheon 480m long railway bridge was designed as a multi-span simply-supported structure. Combination of five steel spans – alternate three bowstrings and two under-slab trusses. This concept, devised by SYSTRA during the design phase of the tender, creates an impression of a wave over the Namhan river that is in harmony with the surrounding mountains.

The bridge

The railway bridge on the Dodam-Yeongcheon line, with a total length of 480m, carries a double-slab track with a design speed of 250km/h.

It consists of three alternating arches and two trusses under the slab. The first (100m), third (120m) and fifth (100m) single spans are buttresses, while the second and fourth spans (80m) are underslab trusses. Construction was completed in 2017 and the bridge was opened to traffic in 2018.

Our mission

SYSTRA’s scope of work was Basic & Detailed structural Design for the 4 bridges of the lot.

The Namhangang railway bridge over Perennial Namhangang river (sometimes called Dodam Bridge) required the greatest attention from the design team. It is a truss arch composite railway bridge. The deck and the truss arch are made of steel and the piers are in concrete and are anchored in shallow foundations.

Project key figures

  • Total length: 480m (combination of arch and truss)
  • Number of tracks: double track
  • Main span: 120m
  • Total span: 100 (arch) + 80 (truss) + 120 (arch) + 80 (truss) + 100 (arch)

The project in pictures