With SYSTRA’s help, Line 12 of Mexico is back on track
25 January 2016

With SYSTRA’s help, Line 12 of Mexico is back on track

SYSTRA has been working with the Mexico City metro to relaunch Line 12, part of which has been closed to the public for 18 months. As a result of the line being brought back into service, 150,000 passengers will gain 30 minutes on their daily journey times.

Line 12 of the Mexico City metro, known as the “golden line”, is a recent addition, which opened in October 2012. It is 24.5 km in length and carries some 450,000 passengers every day. In March 2014, 11 of the 20 stations on the line were closed in order to rehabilitate the part that operates on a viaduct; and a proportion of users were transferred to a replacement bus service. Following the full return to service of the line, at the end of 2015, passengers are once again able to benefit from the convenience that Line 12 has to offer.

SYSTRA was commissioned to analyse the problems that had occurred on the line and lead the rehabilitation works. The issues: settlement of the line, corrugation of the rails and the failure of the viaduct expansion joints. For nearly two years, SYSTRA has operated a team of some twenty employees on site to renew rail fasteners and ties, put in place better quality ballast, and improve the negotiation of the curves in order to completely eliminate vibration problems. The most recent tests, which were conducted in September 2015, were a complete success, meaning the line can once again be operated at the original design-speed.

A long-term partner to the Mexico City metro, SYSTRA was responsible for all design work and technical assistance relating to the construction of the metro lines, with the exception of Line 12, where SYSTRA was involved in neither design nor supervision of the work. Additionally, the group is heavily involved in studies on the upgrading of infrastructure, systems and rolling stock for the Mexico City metro, as well as transport planning studies.

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