The environmental expertise of SYSTRA’s projects presented at COP22
25 November 2016

The environmental expertise of SYSTRA’s projects presented at COP22

COP22, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, was held in Marrakech in Morocco between 7 and 18 November. SYSTRA took part in this conference as the transport of the future, which is a key factor in the sustainable development of territories, must be prepared today.

SYSTRA demonstrates its environmental expertise at COP22

The Group is taking part in COP22 as part of the Vivapolis project, organised by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, which aims to showcase two types of projects focused on the transport of the future: the introduction of tramways in heavily urbanised areas, and the automation of metro lines to increase passenger capacity and improve traffic flows without hindering its operation.

The Group met with various players on 12 November: ONCF (Office National des Chemins de Fer, Morocco’s national railway carrier), the Agence Française de Développement (AFD, the French Development Agency), the International Union of Railways (UIC), SNCF and the Conseil Régional d’Ile de France (the Regional Council of Ile de France). The event took place in the Climate Train (Train du Climat) conference area, located in Marrakech’s train station, as part of a conference and debate on “Major rail projects focused on the climate and sustainable development”.

Environmental efficiency at the heart of SYSTRA’s projects

In response to climate issues, SYSTRA develops exemplary projects in terms of environmental efficiency. Each step of the way, from the preliminary stages through to the monitoring of work, this development takes these issues into account along with the specific requirements of the project owners, in order to avoid, reduce and offset the foreseeable impacts as far as possible. The main focus of discussions includes the protection of ecosystems, respecting the quality of life for local people and the landscaping of territories crossed, to facilitate the acceptance of these projects.

Our other major focuses include ecodesign and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the projects: the bioclimatic design of constructions, the use of innovative material, the integration of renewable energies, etc. are systematically studied to provide optimised solutions which offer the best compromise between technical, budget and environmental criteria.

Taking the environment into account is a key factor in SYSTRA’s flagship projects, such as the high-speed lines in Sweden (Ostlänken 3), the completed Mecca Metro project (carbon footprint) and the current Jeddah project (ecodesign of concrete), as well as in the recent Hyperloop Station Design Competition. In France, the Greater Paris automated metro projects required that SYSTRA carried out studies covering avoidance, reduction and compensation measures; for the Line 12 construction site, all of the environmental protection manuals drawn up by the Group are complied with, in particular in terms of waste sorting and water and electricity consumption; finally, overall environmental monitoring with carbon footprinting is in place for the Rosa Parks Station construction site, over a four year period.

A commitment at the heart of the company’s strategy

To do so, SYSTRA has a team of 200 specialists (ecosystem scientists, environmental law specialists, hydrogeologists, ecodesigners, etc.): their role is to collect and summarise all possible issues for a given territory (e.g. environmental, social, demographic, economic context), in order to propose tailor made mobility solutions at the design stage of transport projects.

The attention paid by the Group to environmental issues is also reflected in SYSTRA’s CSR policy, which includes the commitment to offer sustainable solutions in our projects. Moreover, the Group has been awarded Quality, Safety, Environment triple certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, as well as qualifications from Engineering Qualification Body OPQIBI. The Group is also a signatory of the engineering and design bureau commitment charter to environmental assessment, drawn up by the Commissariat Général au Développement Durable (CGDD, the Commissioner-General for Sustainable Development).

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