SYSTRA transforms the Tours Metropolitan area with the inauguration of its first tramway line on 31st August 2013
29 August 2013

SYSTRA transforms the Tours Metropolitan area with the inauguration of its first tramway line on 31st August 2013

31st August 2013 will see the first tram run on the Tours tramway - a 15 km line comprising 29 stations crossing the town north to the south. More than just a mode of transport, the tramway will breathe new life into the Tours Metropolitan area improving mobility and urban planning.

Local demand for transport is highest in Tours for the route between Tours and Jouè-Les-Tours. With demand anticipated at 54 900 passengers a day, the new line has been designed to reflect the need for a genuine link between busy districts such as the Monconseil ecodistrict, Tours station, the Deux Lions, La Rabière and Ilot Gratias districts.

The tramway design was also developed as a 4th urban landscape - after the buildings, the cultural Loire heritage and the Touraine gardens. With 2013 newly planted trees, 6.7km of vegetation and 19.3km of cycle paths, this line has transformed the town and created a whole new environment for local inhabitants.

SYSTRA won this project management contract in 2009 and has worked closely with SITCAT, the town’s metropolitan transport authority.
As the lead consultant in a joint venture involving engineering firms SAFEGE et ECCTA on infrastructures and architects Richez Associates and Ivars & Ballet, SYSTRA managed the entire project and was responsible for all the transport systems, coordination (general and construction schedule supervision and coordination), testing and producing safety documentation.
In parallel, SYSTRA also managed operations to migrate the 191 buses in operation to the new operating assistance and passenger information (SAEIV), radio and ticketing systems.

SYSTRA remained on track throughout the project, from the start of construction work through to commissioning, achieving all of its objectives: to deliver a quality system, meet the tight 4-year deadline and carefully manage costs.

SYSTRA has worked as project manager on 30 tramway lines worldwide. Over 100km of track have been inaugurated since 2012 in Casablanca, Algiers, Paris as well as Le Havre, Lyon and Brest.

SYSTRA has always led the way in terms of innovation in tram systems, in particular with the design of the first catenary-free tramway in the world in Bordeaux.

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