SYSTRA to partner with Hyperloop One
11 May 2016

SYSTRA to partner with Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One, a California-based start-up established in 2014 to build the first Hyperloop, has selected SYSTRA as one of its strategic partners for the development of this new super-fast transport system.

In a white paper posted online in 2013, Elon Musk – the current CEO of Tesla and SpaceX – posited a transport system that could reach a speed of 1200 km/h, which would give a Los Angeles-San Francisco journey time of around 30 minutes. The concept involves transporting passengers in capsules in reduced-pressure tubes using a magnetic field generated by induction motors.

The partnership between SYSTRA and Hyperloop One will involve identifying target projects for the development of Hyperloop systems in France, Russia, the CIS countries and the Middle East, for which SYSTRA will carry out technical and financial feasibility studies. The Group will also contribute its expertise as a leader in innovative passenger transport systems for the technical development of the system, particularly in safety studies.

According to Mathieu Dunant, Executive Vice President France, member of the Executive Board: “Hyperloop One is bringing major innovation to the world of super-fast transport. We are very excited to have the chance to work with them to make Hyperloop a reality in France, Russia, the CIS countries and the Middle East. Given our position as a global leader in infrastructure and transport system design, we could not turn down the opportunity to participate in a project that is set to revolutionise transport systems in the future.“

In Las Vegas for the first test organised by Hyperloop on 11 May, he said: “Being here for the first Hyperloop tests has enabled me to meet all of the partners involved in this amazing adventure and to involve SYSTRA in a project likely to disrupt the entire public transport sector."

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