SYSTRA to modernise the Moldovan railway network
4 November 2016

SYSTRA to modernise the Moldovan railway network

In July, SYSTRA won a contract to study the feasibility of the railway network in Moldova. This is SYSTRA’s second contract in the country, following on from assistance with the preparation of a transport strategy in 2006.

Moldova is an eastern European country, population 3.5 million, situated between Romania and Ukraine. Lack of public investment for 30 years has left the railway infrastructure in a sorry state, although two of the three corridors are vital links between Ukraine and the European Union. This has led to increased reliance on road transport.

Moldova and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have therefore signed a loan agreement for 52.5 million Euros, to modernise the country’s railway infrastructure. Moldavia is a small country, but the opportunities to work on transport infrastructure there are increasing.

SYSTRA is currently conducting a four-month long feasibility study, and has deployed five experts in infrastructure, economics and the environment to work with the project manager.

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