SYSTRA’s new contracts in Lyon
2 September 2016

SYSTRA’s new contracts in Lyon

SYSTRA is doubly present in the railway and urban regeneration of the La Part-Dieu district: through its design for a new track at the SNCF station, and the redevelopment of tramway infrastructures as part of the forecourt renovation.

Regeneration of the La Part-Dieu district

The La Part-Dieu district is undergoing major changes: by 2030, it is envisaged to become an international reference in quality of life, urban innovation, and economic performance. In order to ensure the district’s continued business and population growth, its transport networks must be adapted.

Redevelopment of tracks and forecourt

The Gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu is both a strategic hub of the national railway network and the largest multimodal exchange centre in the region. Under this high level of strain, its operational capabilities are reaching their limit. Track L, expected to begin operation in 2022, will improve train regularity by increasing boarding capacity. After carrying out preliminary studies on track L in collaboration with SNCF, SYSTRA won the contract to project manage every stage of the work.

Our objective is to renovate the forecourt and pedestrian circulation from the SNCF station to the shopping centre. This is a considerable challenge, as we must relocate the overhead contact lines (OCL) of the trolleybus and tramway networks and reposition the latter’s return rails. SYSTRA’s proposal was selected thanks to the company’s technical expertise in OCL projects, as well as in high and low voltage power supply and distribution, which are particularly complex in relation to this project.

SYSTRA’s additional transport projects in Lyon

More generally, the Group is working on all fronts to improve Lyon transport systems: our regional branch has nearly €25 million in service provisions in its order book over the next seven years. On the metro front, SYSTRA is project manager for the extension of line B as far as Hôpitaux Sud, and is also working on the automation of line B and the renewal of rolling stock.

On the tramway front, SYSTRA is at the head of the project management consortium on line T6, which is expected to be in service by the end of 2019. Earlier in the year, SYSTRA completed a general planning mission and coordinated tests on the line T3 connection to Parc OL, Lyon’s new stadium.

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