SYSTRA publishes the latest edition of its Activity Report
13 July 2016

SYSTRA publishes the latest edition of its Activity Report

SYSTRA owes its success to those who work day after day on project after project, transforming one system after another.
This year SYSTRA has paid homage to them in its activity report, showing how each of us innovates, takes on new challenges and moves forward.

The momentum that began in 2012 is well established, and the Group is looking to the future:

  • Full steam ahead: a look back at the momentum that began in 2012 and our goals for 2018 now that we are at the halfway point of our strategic plan. Four SYSTRA employees speak with Pierre Verzat about topics such as energy, audacity, creativity and diversity.
  • Experts: major projects underway all over the world by sector of activity. Testimonials from our clients and partners.
  • Open for business: partnerships, innovation, acquisitions, responsibility... All of this and more define the way we operate.
  • Engagement: “Embodying SYSTRA’s values.” Our employees speak for themselves.

Activity report 2015 {HTML}

Click on the image to download the pdf or read the flipbook online.

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