SYSTRA Group signs new contracts in Brazil
21 October 2016

SYSTRA Group signs new contracts in Brazil

TECTRAN, SYSTRA’s Brazilian subsidiary specialising in transport planning and urban planning acquired a year ago, has just renewed a contract in Belo Horizonte and signed another in Rio de Janeiro. The SYSTRA Group is therefore increasing its presence in Brazil, despite the adverse market environment.

Contract renewal in Belo Horizonte

TECTRAN has been working for the State of Minas Gérais in south-east Brazil for over four years now, helping it to monitor and support the bus concessions in the State capital, Belo Horizonte. Last June, the State’s Transport and Public Works Secretariat (SETOP) renewed TECTRAN’s contract for a further year.

More specifically, TECTRAN is required to provide monitoring and quality control for the metropolitan public transport concessions in the Belo Horizonte region. Eight Group employees will work on this project in Brazil for a year.

New assignment in Rio de Janeiro

Further south, next to the Atlantic Ocean, the Group has a new assignment in Rio de Janeiro. After having worked on Rio’s new tram network and fourth metro line, which opened this summer for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, SYSTRA - through TECTRAN - has been awarded a contract for a study on renewing a transport corridor.

Area of influence of the designed axis in Rio de Janeiro

Launched in partnership with the Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme (APUR) and Agence Française de Développement (AFD), this six-month study will lead to the definition of several development scenarios and the improvement of a congested urban artery used by more than 1 million inhabitants. The final report will be delivered in December.

Brazil is a key market for the SYSTRA Group

Despite a difficult economic environment, Brazil remains a key market for the Group’s development: with a population of 204 million inhabitants and a land area of 8.5 million km², the country has significant transport needs.

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