SYSTRA extends T1 westwards in the Paris region
5 April 2016

SYSTRA extends T1 westwards in the Paris region

SYSTRA has just won a contract to manage the project extending tramline T1 westwards between Asnières-Gennevilliers “Les Courtilles” and tramline T2 in Colombes.

An extension in 2 times

Opened in 1992 between Bobigny and Saint-Denis, then extended a first time in the East til Noisy-le-Sec in 2003 and then in the West til Asnières-Gennevilliers in 2012, tramline T1 is about to follow his path until Colombes, still in the West, on 6.5km with 500m common section with tramline T2.

SYSTRA will conduct the project in partnership with IRIS CONSEIL and the architecture and town-planning firm URBANICA, on behalf of the Contracting Authority RATP (public transport operator for Paris). This 124 month contract will start in April, with the preliminary design studies. Commissioning of the extension will be realized in 2 times:

  • Phase 1: between “Les Courtilles” and “Quatre Routes”, in 2018
  • Phase 2: between “Quatre Routes” and “Gabriel Péri”, in 2023.

The only general project management contract launched in 2015 for trams in the Paris region.

Philippe Bernard, Director of the Surface Projects Department in the Directorate for Urban Transport in the Paris region, explains: “This is the only general project management contract launched in 2015 for trams in the Paris region. SYSTRA won this contract in a highly competitive environment, thanks to the combined efforts of the France Region, the Technical, Consulting and the Innovation Directorates. We heartily congratulate everyone who has helped to achieve this brilliant success. It will give SYSTRA’s tram product line an important new reference".

The main features

  • creating a high performance line, in terms of operating speed and regularity, to connect up the public transport network;
  • providing services to districts hitherto under-endowed with public transport;
  • supporting the urban transformation of the district, particularly for the neighbourhoods undergoing urban redevelopment;
  • redistributing and upgrading public space, opening it up to all users: pedestrians, cyclists, automobiles and public transport;
  • creating a section of track shared by T1 & T2 lines, without interrupting service.

This project is in line with the objective fixed by the Master Plan for the Paris Region, to create a “Grand Tram circular line”. It will create direct links between adjoining neighbourhoods by connecting the public transport network to mainlines such as Métro Line 13, the Transilien suburban Line J and tramline T2.

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