SYSTRA contributes to the success of the Rio Paralympic Games
8 September 2016

SYSTRA contributes to the success of the Rio Paralympic Games

On the occasion of the Olympic Games and Paralympics, the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has launched several projects to meet the mobility needs of Cariocas as part of the city’s urban renovation. SYSTRA has contributed to this effort by carrying out several preliminary studies for the design of new metro, tramway, and bus lines.

Transport infrastructures strengthened for Olympic Games

Seizing the opportunity presented by the 2016 Olympics, the host city of Rio de Janeiro has undertaken the modernisation of its transport networks. In order to accommodate spectators and improve the city’s public offering, new metro and tramway lines were opened. Rio has also undertaken a vast renewal of rolling stock for its commuter train lines.

A metro…

On the metro front, SYSTRA’s teams carried out an operational study and pedestrian flow studies for the creation of Line 4, which opened on 30 July 2016. Running from the south of the city to the west and connecting Ipanema to Barra de Tijuca (the hub of the Olympic Village), it can accommodate up to 22,000 passengers per hour, features five stations and a 16km-long route. This new line offers a significant reduction in transport: it takes up to two hours by car as compared to 13 minutes by metro to reach Barra de Tijuca from other districts in Rio.

A tramway…

On the tramway front, a new light rail network, the VLT, was inaugurated: SYSTRA participated in the preliminary studies and provided services for high and low voltage power, the particularity of this tramway being its use of ground-level power supply (the same method used by the Dubai and Bordeaux tramways). On 5 June 2016, the first 6km-long section opened, linking the Santos Dumont airport to Praça Maua by way of the city centre and les quartiers du port. A second 7km-long section opened on the eve of the Olympic Games. When fully complete, the network will offer 3 lines, spanning 28 km, and serving all of the city’s strategic points with 31 stations.

…and roads

On the road infrastructure front, SYSTRA carried out a road layout study for dedicated lanes for use exclusively by Olympic athletes and delegations. Furthermore, a feasibility study was carried out in 2009 for a Bus Rapid Transit to be implemented along Avenida Brasil, a main boulevard in the north of Rio, for which development work is in progress.

Fifty years of trust between Brazil and SYSTRA

Since the 1960s, SYSTRA has assisted the local public authorities in developing its public transport networks. The modernisation of the Brazilian railway network began in 1969, followed by implementation studies for the first two metro lines in the 1970s.

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