SYSTRA cofounder of a Sino-French Chair
5 February 2016

SYSTRA cofounder of a Sino-French Chair

SYSTRA has signed the agreement to found the Chair of “Innovating metropolitan mobility” with Tongji University of Shanghai and the Higher National School School of Architecture in Strasbourg (ENSAS), last October 26th 2015.

In a country that has 22 megapolises of more than 2 million inhabitants, this chair will help SYSTRA to understand local mobility challenges, to stand out and become more widely known.

Pierre-Etienne Gautier, the Vice-President for Innovation, explains: “In China, universities play an important role in advising authorities”. Joining forces with Tongji University, an acknowledged reference, will therefore help us further our understanding of the governance of major infrastructure projects and mobility practices in megapolises."

Left to right : Jean-Daniel KUHN (SYSTRA), Professor Eric GROSS, (ENSAS), et Professeur Li Xiangning (Tongji University)

Another expected benefit of this partnership: being able to pick out talented engineers and town planners, to develop our activity in China, where two units represent SYSTRA: SYSTRA Shanghai and MVA Asia.

More widely, the Chair of “Innovating metropolitan mobility” seeks to develop and promote research on town planning and the integration of transport infrastructure into megapolises, particularly through practical projects in China.

Seated: Professor Eric GROSS, director of the Higher National School School of Architecture in Strasbourg (ENSAS), Jean-Daniel KUHN (SYSTRA) and Professor Li Xiangning, assistant dean of the School of Architecture and Tactical Planning at the University of Tongji.

One year work outcome

The creation of this Chair is the fruit of a year’s work involving the Innovation Directorate, the Consulting Directorate, SYSTRA Shanghai, MVA Asia, Tongji University and ENSAS. Since October 2014, SYSTRA has conducted three workshops on transport network planning and urban tramline integration, attended by students, teachers of architecture and town-planning, and city representatives for Nanjing, Shanghai and Strasbourg.

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