SYSTRA and the Chacao Bridge
22 March 2016

SYSTRA and the Chacao Bridge

For two years, SYSTRA has been designing the details of the biggest suspension bridge in South America, the Chacao Bridge in Chile.

The 2,634 metre Chacao Bridge will connect Chiloé island to the South-American continent. Since March 2014, SYSTRA contributes to the design of this road bridge which has 2 main spans (1,155m and 1,055m), 3 pylons of more than 150m height, and 4 traffic lines. In August 2015, detailed designs for the foundations, steel deck, central pylon and anchor points were rendered.

Since the start of 2016, the revision of design studies is underway, according to new input data received from the contractor, as well as comments from the engineering firm in charge of the inspection, and the client. The Chacao Channel is located in a seismically active zone, and particularly seismic model has to be revised because new geotechnical data has been received.

The ribbon will be cut in 2023

The Chacao Bridge is due to be opened in 2023. Today, the usual way to cross the Chacao channel between Chiloé island and the mainland, is to take the ferry. The new structure will speed up and simplify the channel crossing, for the benefit of residents and tourists alike, thus promoting the economic development of the whole island. This is a superb reference for SYSTRA, confirming once more our membership of the exclusive circle of world-leading civil engineering consultancies.

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