Greater Paris : SYSTRA showcases its leadership in automated metro
28 June 2016

Greater Paris : SYSTRA showcases its leadership in automated metro

The facade of SYSTRA’s headquarters building is highlighting automated metro systems and the future transport network of the “Grand Paris” metropolitan area. The display overlooks Paris’s Boulevard Périphérique, reminding Parisians that SYSTRA is creating their future transport systems.

The Group is launching a new billboard-style campaign on its headquarters building: "SYSTRA: the world leader in automated metro". This leadership is demonstrated by SYSTRA’s involvement in 50% of all automated-metro construction-projects worldwide.

From Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to Santiago in Chile, from Brussels to Sydney, and New York to Paris, SYSTRA employees are designing automated metro systems to transport the people of the planet’s most densely populated cities. And just at the point where the capital is about to see its transport network map re-written over the coming years with the Grand Paris Express Transit system, the facade of the Farman building has been enveloped in a 250m² image representing the routes and lines of the future network (the extended Lines 11 and 14, and new Lines 15, 16, 17 and 18).

The vast display is designed to be readable from a distance: some 17m high, and nearly 30m wide, it remains lit until 1am. Installed for the occasion of the European Mobility Exhibition, this huge display will be coming down to earth at the end of October.

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