From north to center of Aubagne in Tram with SYSTRA
24 February 2016

From north to center of Aubagne in Tram with SYSTRA

This tramway will link central Aubagne to the north of the conurbation until La Bouilladisse town. It is due to be commissioned at the end of 2019.

In December, SYSTRA won a new contract to build the Val’Tram. This tramway will extend the existing tramline by 14 m, from central Aubagne to La Bouilladisse town in the North. 2 km will cross a built-up area and 12 km of single track will go through the outskirts, along the route of a disused railway. It will be necessary to rehabilitate this railtrack for tram traffic.

Map of the Aubagne Val’Tram

On behalf of the Metropole Aix-Marseille community, FACONEO declared that our bid, in a joint-venture with architect Gautier & Conquet, had won the project.

SYSTRA has to realize the Val’Tram project in 5 years. In south France, this is currently for SYSTRA the second biggest tramway in progress with the Lyon T6 project, won in 2015.

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