First excavation on the extension of Line 4 to Bagneux in France
17 July 2017

First excavation on the extension of Line 4 to Bagneux in France

The extension of Line 4 of the Paris metro is progressing towards Bagneux. Two new stations are to be completed in the years to come and the excavation of the metro tunnel has been underway for several months.

Underground works are progressing

SYSTRA’s teams carried out the project’s first underground excavation, marking an important stage in the project, for which we led the design and construction supervision of all infrastructure. Having successfully carried out the design phase, the team moved on to the PMC (Project Management Consultancy) phase in April 2015.

This initial excavation is first and foremost symbolic, as it physically connects the part of the project carried out underground using conventional methods and the part completed with a cut and cover section (open air). It also marks an important stage in the civil engineering works, which are more than 50% complete.

An extension in two stages

The extension of Line 4 beyond Porte d’Orléans is highly anticipated. There are however many constraints, such as the passage beneath the Boulevard Périphérique or the filling of former underground quarries. The first phase opened in March 2013, with a temporary terminus at Mairie de Montrouge; the second stage is set to be inaugurated by 2020.

This ongoing project will result in the addition of two stations to Line 4, provisionally named ‘Verdun Sud’ and ‘Bagneux’. The latter will connect to Line 15 of the Grand Paris Express. But the excavation of May is only one stage in the project; works are being carried out on other fronts, in particular to connect the extension to Bagneux with the section that currently runs to Montrouge.

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