A new transportation authority in Astana with SYSTRA
23 September 2016

A new transportation authority in Astana with SYSTRA

ASTRA is the name of the new transportation authority in the Kazakhstan capital. The new administrative authority, which was conceived by SYSTRA, will be officially launched at a UITP conference in Astana on 26 September, attended by a member of the Group.

Reorganisation of the transport network in Astana

As a city of nearly one million people Astana has considerable transport infrastructure requirements. In addition, the capital is preparing to host the International Exposition on future energy and sustainable mobility initiatives from 10 June to 10 September 2017.

To meet demand, the capital is reorganising all its transport networks, and has called on SYSTRA’s expertise. The Group advised the city and devised a new transportation authority, ASTRA (Astana Transport Authority), with our local partner, NUR Trade. All aspects were covered, in particular financing solutions, ranging from legal structures to the profits generated by the new structure.

SYSTRA is taking part in two UITP conferences

ASTRA will be launched at a conference held by UITP (International Association of Public Transport) on 26-27 September. SYSTRA will be represented by Neill Birch, Head of Public Transport Operations at SYSTRA UK. The topics under discussion are:

  • The development of a transport system for Astana
  • The development of a transport complex in Astana

Practical information
KAZ Media Conference Hall,
4 Kunayev Street
010000 Astana

Kazakhstan is a key country for transport in Central Europe

SYSTRA has been working with Kazakhstan since the 1990s and recently completed two major projects in the country’s second-largest city, Almaty. The Group first optimised the existing transport networks and ticketing in this city of over one million people, and since June 2016 it has been involved in modelling transport demand and drawing up transportation plans. The Group also performed a feasibility study for a high-speed line between Astana and Almaty as project management assistant.

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