2014: A Record-Breaking Year
21 August 2015

2014: A Record-Breaking Year

Revenue growth and increased profitability are not its only remarkable achievements. Discover SYSTRA’s new annual report.

Of course there are the facts and figures: 60 years of experience, 100% mass and transit rail, 18% revenue growth, 19% margin growth. But the 2014 annual report by the engineering subsidiary of SNCF and RATP also tells other stories—stories of freedom.

First and foremost, freedom of movement, because offering mobility in congested cities is SYSTRA’s business.

Then there’s the freedom to think, read, converse or do nothing at all when you’re freed of the need to drive a car or ride a bike.

There’s the freedom to choose the ecosystem of partners that meets the precise needs of our clients and the expectations of users in Dubai, Hanoi, New York, Besançon, Chacao, Jeddah, Paris and Sydney.

Discover Stories of Freedom, the annual report of an engineering firm that has hired over one thousand people in 12 months.

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