Railways have been at the heart of SYSTRA’s DNA since 1957, the year of our very first assignment: preparing the electrification of the Indian rail network. Always at the service of economic and social development, we have since been involved in all aspects of projects, both in the design and construction of new lines and in the modernisation and upgrading of existing links, meeting the highest technical standards and the most stringent environmental requirements.

Asset Management to enhance the value of infrastructure 

The development of transport networks continues, with major projects all over the world. Asset management enables data to be collected from assets to know them, understand them, and make informed decisions at the most appropriate time. At SYSTRA, we offer practical solutions to implement good asset management for the benefit of people and regions. 


Rail links increase the development prospects of cities and regions. All over the world, rail is synonymous with access to employment, education, health and leisure. Current technologies offer safe and efficient travel thanks to systems such as the standardised ERTMS signalling system, but also with sustainable and robust infrastructures such as slab track, for which SYSTRA has filed a patent for the construction of new tracks as well as the modernisation of existing tracks.

Facilitating the movement of people, rail is also a major player in the transport of freight and merchandise. The construction of huge rail networks is currently underway in the Middle East and India, overcoming topographical and climatic constraints to interconnect cities, logistics hubs and free production zones. SYSTRA is contributing all its know-how, from design to site supervision and contract management. We are also one of the leading engineering firms working alongside construction companies on Design & Build contracts, taking into account operating and maintenance constraints from the preliminary design phase and guaranteeing the best possible cost optimisation.


The connections created more than a century ago often still exist today and are more necessary than ever for communities. This is why SYSTRA offers a full range of expertise in modernisation and upgrading of existing railway lines, in order to reopen tracks, increase capacity or extend the life of infrastructures, without compromising user safety or operational robustness for operators and maintainers.

We also carry out infrastructure electrification and optimisation assignments to improve the environmental and operational efficiency of our networks. To this end, we go so far as to offer a 100% renewable power supply for our signalling systems via photovoltaic energy. Finally, again with the aim of making our infrastructures sustainable, we have developed a unique asset management tool so that our customers can audit and prioritise modernisation investments according to their own sustainability criteria.


SYSTRA is at the forefront of railway innovation and is involved in several European research and development projects.

From 2017 to 2019, SYSTRA was part of the autonomous transport safety programme (TAS), which in 2019 led to the launch of the DOS project, the aim of which is to provide a high-performance, safe lineside signalling reading and obstacle detection system.

Another major example: since 2019 within Shift2Rail, we have been studying ways to improve train control systems in order to optimise the accuracy of locating trains travelling on the network and thereby ensuring better traffic management, while reducing operating costs.