Road & Highway

Road & Highway

Driving road and highway projects and specialist technical services

For several years now, roads and highways are no longer a side business to the public transport and engineering structures on which we work, but rather an activity in their own right.

The project management contracts recently won from French concession operators as part of the French Motorway Plan (Plan de relance autoroutier), and the acquisition of a design office in India (SAI) that specialises in roads and highways, have given SYSTRA the benchmark references and additional expertise it needs to complete its offer in France and around the world.

SYSTRA is equipped to cover a wide variety of projects, from the most simple to the most complex highway and road interchanges and urban road networks to the construction of new highways or the widening of existing structures, etc. Its expert project management is enhanced by specialist knowledge of different technical areas such as alignment and general design, engineering, roadworks, earthworks and drainage, equipment, signs and signalling and environmental criteria, etc.

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