Freight & Multimodal

Freight & Multimodal

Rail freight transport from mine to maritime port

SYSTRA works on all types of freight projects, be they for new lines (design and construction, coordination and supervision of work including logistics hubs) or existing lines (increase in capacity, reduction in operating costs, improved security, line upgrades and electrification).

But design and implementation are not our only concern. Our focus will always be on the fundamental end purpose - to transport freight - and on finding a global approach to optimise all of the links in the logistics chain. Just as logistics both before and after freight transport are crucial, so only experts with an in-depth knowledge of both the freight sector and rail engineering are able to minutely adjust infrastructure design to requirements and find the right parameters to reduce costs.


SYSTRA’s Canada-based subsidiary, CANARAIL, offers customers a vast range of services, from planning to engineering, deployment and the operation of mine railways. A specialist in mining and freight transportation, CANARAIL has carried out more than 800 projects around the world.

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