Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit

Design and delivery: two major challenges met by SYSTRA

Modern and high-performance, BRT systems combine all of the advantages of a bus (agile, light) with dedicated lane public transport (speed, capacity, punctuality). A highly efficient method of travel, they offer improved ticket systems and constant passenger information updates.

SYSTRA is able to bring a wide range of innovative solutions to BRT projects, be it in terms of capacity, frequency, urban integration, accessibility and comfort. Optical guidance systems onboard also allow for systematic high-precision docking and berthing (TEOR project in Rouen).

Our multidisciplinary approach means we can take on all of the challenges of a BRT project: shared public spaces, passenger needs, costs, specifications, operating systems, infrastructures, etc., allowing us to deliver tailored solutions to suit the individual needs of different public authorities.

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