Our engineers work with passion to get the world moving freely every day.

Their technical expertise is changing the world, creating transport that is safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly than ever before.
They have the human qualities to build trusting relationships with our clients and partners.

Join us and invent the public transport of tomorrow

You will be part of passionate projects all over the world.
We need your excellence, your can-do attitude, your enthusiasm to keep SYSTRA a world leader in public transport infrastructure.

Questions to Stéphane Birien, Group Head of HR

Stephane Birien DRH Groupe SYSTRAWhat is the recruitment outlook at SYSTRA?
SYSTRA is a fast-growing company and we recruit hundreds of new employees each year: 600 in 2013, around 500 in 2014 and 2015. This trend will continue for the next few years. At the start of 2018 we had 6,200 employees, nearly 50% more than in 2012. Our ambition is to have 7,000 by 2018. You see, at SYSTRA, we are recruiting continuously to support a company that is developing at an exceptional rate.

What type of profiles are you looking for?
We hire both young graduates and experts in their field. Always international profiles: English speakers, with experience outside their country of origin, happy to work abroad. We need people with passion who are open to the world, want to shake things up, want to work in a variety of cultures.

How would you sum up SYSTRA in a word?
Dynamic. Yes, that’s a pretty good way to sum up SYSTRA.
You see, at SYSTRA you need energy. You have to want to invent the public transport of tomorrow. You have to want to play an active part in the company’s phenomenal growth, transforming the way it works and functions. You must also like working across specialties, be flexible, like working in networks both in-house and with clients and partners.

This is what creates the collective dynamic we have at SYSTRA.

They chose SYSTRA. Find out why.

Raquel, 39, Spanish

Rail technical coordinator. Joined SYSTRA in September 2015.

"I knew SYSTRA from the SEA* high-speed rail project when I was working at Vinci. I was struck by the quality of the human relationships between employees and with managers. Information moved about easily. Confidence was the rule. This made me want to join SYSTRA and I jumped on the opportunity when I came back from two years working in Colombia."

*Southern Europe Atlantic

Nicolas, 47, French

Head of the Europe Mediterranean Region. Joined SYSTRA in September 2014.

"What attracted me was the diversity, which is an everyday reality. The diversity of the projects first of all: our services range from upstream studies to commissioning and maintenance. But also the cultural diversity: I work with different nationalities and cultures every day. My region covers Algeria, Morocco, Israel and Turkey. We meet a rich range of people, clients, partners and our local teams. It’s passionate and stimulating both intellectually and on a human level."

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