Shakira EL-HOUT
Civil Engineer, 

“I would not be a Civil Engineer at SYSTRA today if…”

I am naturally a very curious person. I’m hungry for information and have an intense desire to learn. I chose engineering because it seemed like something I could not do, so I wanted to see if I could. I wanted to figure out a way to learn about everything. I was extremely lucky to find engineering to help me explore the world around me and how it works. I don’t know how I found it, but I’m really glad I did. I would not be an engineer today if it were a simple obstacle.

“What motivates me on a daily basis at SYSTRA is…”

Having really great leadership has made a big difference in my life. It makes me want to grow and challenge myself. I feel tremendous respect for my colleagues, project managers, and team members. They are all such genuine, bright, incredible people. I see how dedicated everyone is, and it makes me want to help contribute to our shared success. I’m motivated daily by the people at SYSTRA. I think together we make each other better. 

“I realised how meaningful my job was when…”

I use public transportation as part of my daily life. Being able to see how many people rely on public transportation for access to jobs, education, and other opportunities puts into perspective just how essential it is. Having the ability to help in some way to improve safety and quality of life for communities makes it very real and meaningful for me. Something I try very hard never to take for granted is just how special and impactful our job is.

“My message to those considering this job” 

I highly recommend this profession! I’m extremely passionate about it. It’s given me everything I could possibly need. I love what we do. Every day is different, the people are great, the projects are complex and exciting, and it helps people. It’s been an incredibly long and difficult journey to get here, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Never give up!