BIM Expert, 

What is your job?

I, as an expert in BIM, always endeavor that projects handed over by SYSTRA to their clients are profitable during their execution and post-implementation phase, adding value to clients’ bottom line using the best technology that BIM has to offer. I lead a team of equally responsible, enthusiastic, and young BIM specialists who are contributing unequivocally to many prestigious projects that SYSTRA has undertaken.

Our job is to meet deadlines in the submission of packages related to BIM integration ensuring that given project KPIs are met by collaborating with team leads across verticals.

What do you do at SYSTRA?

I am currently BIM Manager for several projects:

  • High Speed 2, high-speed line in the UK, as part of the SYSTRA-MOTT Design Joint Venture,
  • Etihad Rail project in UAE,
  • Dholera, India’s first Smart City,
  • the Nagpur metro
  • Mumbai Super Communication Highway project.

What are the 3 important qualities or skills in your job?

In no particular order, the top 3 skills for my job would be:

Effective communication: this is crucial in not only maintaining amicable relationships in the workplace but also delivering work successfully. From navigating team meetings to providing people with the right direction in the project – the BIM project manager ensures that things never slip through the cracks if he/ she has to be successful in meeting/ exceeding expectations.

Be a lifelong student and a teacher: paradoxical? But to be efficient in this technologically sensitive job, I am expected to know and be skilled in the latest in technology the field of BIM has to offer. At the same time, I must work to ensure that the right skills are developed and passed on to my team members constantly. The roles are always changing.

Assertive and customer focus: I am required to ensure that peers, colleagues, and team members alike work in tandem in spite of disagreements while constantly striving to meet customer deadlines. The customer is at the center of all we do.


I am presented with the opportunity to contribute to the most prestigious projects in the field while working with cross-functional teams throughout the globe. The experience shared by industry best peers and seniors is invaluable in enriching knowledge.

There is a culture of sharing and receiving inputs and feedback with respect. The diversity of people, the atmosphere of autonomy, coupled with recognition irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, or preferences is a driving force of the Group.

The culture is humane and full of goodwill. The value of one’s knowledge, contribution, and integrity are very well acknowledged in SYSTRA.