Didier Rancourt
Environment Expert, 

What is your job?

I have been an Environmental Specialist at SYSTRA Canada for almost four years. My job is to coordinate the environmental files that will be used for environmental impact studies, technical requirements for project design, public consultations and hearings, and construction and operating permit applications. Having previously worked in the field of environmental public affairs, I also accompany the client on regulatory issues.

For the past few years, I have also been working on the impact of climate change on infrastructure.

What do you do at SYSTRA?

I first joined Systra Canada to work on the Quebec City tramway project. My mission was to coordinate several studies on noise, vibrations, carbon footprint, etc., for the purposes of consultations and public hearings. Then I worked on the REM de l’Est (Réseau Électrique Métropolitain de Montréal), again coordinating and writing studies. I am now working on the new GO Expansion project in Toronto as Environmental Manager.

As the issue of climate change is increasingly present, I am analysing its impacts on various projects.

With colleagues, we are currently working on integrating sustainable development concepts into the core business of SYSTRA Canada.


Versatile: The environment affects almost all the trades and stages of a project. You must therefore have a good knowledge of all activities and trades, as many have an impact on the environment.

Flexible: The environmental manager must navigate between the client’s expectations, the project schedule, laws and regulations, technical feasibility, financial limits and social acceptability.

Educational: Sustainable development and the environment are not just indicators. These concepts are now necessary for reading the world around us and for the way we project ourselves into the future. For some, this represents a paradigm shift. It is therefore necessary to be patient and educational while insisting on the urgency to act. 


Because I know that the projects I work on are environmentally friendly and sustainable, but also because they have a significantly positive impact on the environment in which they are carried out. My work corresponds to my values. I have also found a dynamic, versatile, international and positive team, looking to the future and in which I feel good.