Aziz Reguiz
Bid Manager,

What is your job?

I am a Bid Manager, i.e. responsible for the tenders, and Project Engineer for the BU SYSTRA in Saudi Arabia. After my Engineer Master Degree from the French Engineering school Arts et Métiers, I started my career the Industrial field for ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions in Saudi Arabia and for LafargeHolcim in France.

My first experience in Saudi Arabia made me realize the potential of this country and the ambition to achieve a lot through their Vision 2030. This is why I decided to come back to Saudi Arabia in 2019 and work as an Economic Attaché for the Embassy of France in Riyadh and to be in charge of the Infrastructure, Energy and Industry sectors.

During that experience I had the chance to study the global market of the country and to discover SYSTRA activities in Saudi Arabia. SYSTRA’s ambition to expend in the country was a real motivation for me to join the company in 2021.

What do you do at SYSTRA?

As a bid manager, my role is to supervise and make sure that we submit technically and financially the best offer possible to the client aligned with SYSTRA objectives and targets in term of revenue and diversification. I closely work with teams in Paris. Locally I have to be part of the Business Development team to find the best potential partners but also to meet and understand the needs of the clients.

As a Project Engineer, I work as Interface coordinator on the NEOM Industrial City (NIC) design project. My role is mainly to support the interface manager in coordinating the different design departments in relation with the client during progress meetings and workshops.

We also support our clients in the digital transformation of their businesses in order to simplify the consultation and planning processes for new urban transport plans.

What are the 3 important qualities or skills in your job?

Organization is key. It is very important to be organized when we prepare an offer as every bid and clients have different requirements. A mistake in a bid can lead to loose a project, and if we win with a wrong offer the project can cause lost of revenue. Organization will make sure that every aspects of an offer is covered and managed (finance, HSE, Technical, HR, legal, etc.).

Versatility is also important. Being a bid manager and interface project engineer requires to understand different topics and being able to lead or coordinate those topics with partners and clients.

Good communication is essential too: as different stakeholders are engaged in the preparation of an offer, but also on a design project, it is mandatory to be able to communicate with all parties but also at the right time with the right information. A lack of communication could be critical to submit a proper offer. Communication with partners and clients is also a key to a professional fruitful relationship.


I decided to join SYSTRA because of its ambition to expand and to be aligned with Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. The company is one of the biggest French engineering firm, and the leader in the transportation sector, so it was natural for me to be part of this group.

At SYSTRA we work on different engineering projects that are critical for every city in the world with an expertise that not many engineering firms can bring. SYSTRA is giving me the chance to grow and to be in the front line. I am learning every day!