Your life at SYSTRA

Your life at SYSTRA

“The first time I came into Farman it was dark outside but I felt good vibes in the building. Later, I came to appreciate the conviviality of the restaurant, cafeteria, sports room, etc. In fact, I quickly felt at home at SYSTRA.”

Integration pathway

As part of its expansion strategy, SYSTRA plans to welcome hundreds of new collaborators. The company takes great care to integrate them. In 2014, a structured integration process was launched, including a mentoring program. Each new employee is assigned a sponsor so they can draw on the advice and experience of a more experienced colleague.

Camille Rancière
"For the new arrival, it’s an opportunity to call on someone who isn’t a line manager. It helps you find your feet, discover things about the company that managers never think of, share values and talk frankly."
Camille, Rail expert

Career paths

SYSTRA offers many ways to advance your career. This reflects the company’s dynamism.

From specialist technical engineer to multi-specialty coordinator, from project head to running a subsidiary: you can move from one speciality to another. You can also go from one universe to another: from rail to urban and the other way round. Or go out to break a new market, like the high-end bus service.

From the Middle East to India, via Brazil or Australia, there are multiple international opportunities. The company operates in more than 80 countries and has worked on 3,500 projects round the world, more than half outside France.


Aymen, 34, Franco-Tunisian

Group Head of Development for Design and Build.

Recruited to the Technical Department as a structural engineer, promoted to co-head of the Mecca metro, he became first country head for Saudi Arabia and Iraq, co-head of the infra department, then went to South Korea to direct the operations of the local subsidiary and develop civil engineering in the Asia Pacific region. Now based in Dubai, he is in charge of developing Design and Build opportunities for the SYSTRA Group.

"Mecca was the big leap, in charge of €12 million at the age of 27, the Chacao suspension bridge, the Baghdad air bridge, then the success story of SYSTRA Korea built from the ground up."

Mustapha, 33, Franco-Moroccan

Chief finance officer for the Northern Europe Region

Hired in 2012 as head of accounting for the Group’s finance department, he began managing a team of 20. Four years later he was made chief finance officer for Northern Europe and joined his new workforce in London.

"SYSTRA is an international human-scale company that is facing the typical issues confronting large groups. I found a lot of flexibility, a lot of dynamism but also some complex and passionate issues. As soon as I arrived I had a lot of responsibility. SYSTRA operates in more than 80 countries. We had to find a way to standardize ways of working, taking account of local contexts with rules on accounting, tax, legal, etc. that differed from country to country. Very stimulating and rewarding."

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