BIM Manager, 

“I would not be a BIM Manager at SYSTRA today if…”

It was not for the break in my civil engineering bachelor’s course. During the break, I actively​ researched new technologies in the civil field. Due to my passion for architecture and drawing, I quickly became interested in Building Information Modelling (BIM). Thus started the exhilerating and satisfying journey, from being ​a student to a teacher and then an engineering specialist and professional.  From being one of the few women handling sites physically to leading an exciting team​ across cultures, gender and experience, the learning continues…​​

“What motivates me on a daily basis at SYSTRA is…​”

The opportunity to contribute to the most prestigious projects in their field while working   with cross functional teams throughout the globe. The experience shared by industry best peers and seniors is invaluable in enriching knowledge and inputs shared are well respected. The diversity of people, the atmosphere of autonomy, coupled with recognition irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, or preferences is a driving force. The culture is humane and full of bonhomie.

“I realised how meaningful my job was when…​”

I was recognised internationally in the occasion of the HS2 Phase 1 MWCC DJV project’s recognition of successes and achievements. This was the first achievement for our BIM project team and also for the India Engineering centre. Being selected by the client made me proud that my work had a positive impact for the company. The Production lead for HS2 and In-country Manager spend quality time providing inputs to meet deadlines. And last but not least, my excellent and supportive team members who work with me…

“My message to those considering this job​”

Comme pour tous les professionnels, chaque étape, chaque défi joue un rôle tout au long Like all professionals, the journey is no different. The struggles and milestones all play their part​ When I started, the field was in its infancy. Today opportunities abound. Be open to learning,​ accept the rigmarole regardless of your gender, grow and the platform follows. BIM has provided me ​recognition and my people approach and attitude of resolution has helped lead a team of new BIM​ talent. Find your calling.