Washington D.C. Streetcar

Washington D.C. Streetcar

The Consortium composed of SYSTRA, Facchina and MC Dean was awarded the project management contract for the design and construction of a light rail transit system in Washington D.C. called the D.C. Streetcar.

It was the first such service to see the light of day following the dismantlement of the previous transport network in 1962. This 3.7km line is also equipped with its own maintenance and storage facility as the objective is to create a larger 60km streetcar network in Washington D.C. It is planned to extend the line eastwards to the Minnesota Avenue metro station and westwards to Georgetown.

RATP Dev won the contract to operate the Washington D.C. Streetcar service with support from its subsidiary Mc Donald Transit Associates. The line was commissioned in February 2016.

SYSTRA’s role

The Consortium of which SYSTRA was a member was awarded a contract by the District Department of Transportation to manage the entire streetcar project in the north-west district of the city, between H Street and Benning Road via Washington D.C.’s Union Station and the Hopscotch Bridge.

SYSTRA was in charge of:

  • Line design
  • Design of a double track laid on concrete track slabs (streetcars run in mixed traffic)
  • Single contact wires on slim cantilevers
  • Landscaping
  • Construction of the Car Barn maintenance and storage facility to LEED standards
  • Maintenance & storage facility equipment (washers, turntables, C-frame in ground hoists, etc.)
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