Santiago Metro (MRT)

Santiago Metro (MRT)

SYSTRA helped the Santiago Metro Authority to produce more than 75% of the engineering studies for its current network.

The project in Chile was launched in 1967 with the commissioning of a feasibility study for a mass rapid transit system for the city’s capital, Santiago. In 1970, work started in earnest on the project and SYSTRA was awarded contracts to produce engineering designs and supervise construction of Lines 1 and 2.
In 2003, SYSTRA produced engineering designs for the extension of Line 2 to Nord Recoleta and for producing detailed preliminary designs for the Line 1 extension in 2006.

On the project to create Line 5, SYSTRA was responsible for producing designs and for reviewing all the technical elements.
On the Line 5 extension project, SYSTRA was responsible for:

  • Reviewing contractor construction design studies
  • Conducting factory quality control inspections for all equipment manufactured in Europe (excluding rolling stock);
  • Supervising and coordinating the installation of equipment and tracking installation activities;
  • Assisting with integration testing and commissioning activities.

In addition to the construction and commissioning of lines 4 and 4A, SYSTRA also produced all the civil engineering designs, including those for the 7km U-shaped viaduct.

SYSTRA was also the lead consultant of the Consortium responsible for providing technical assistance for the automation of Line 1.
The two new lines – Lines 3 and 6 – are due for commissioning in 2018. SYSTRA is responsible for producing all the studies, awarding the tender contracts, inspecting contractor designs, supervising construction work, testing and commissioning for these two lines.

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