Rocky Mountaineer: refurbishment of the “GoldLeaf” service range

Rocky Mountaineer: refurbishment of the “GoldLeaf” service range

Since the 1990s, the Rocky Mountaineer tourist train has run between British Columbia and Alberta. Regularly voted the world’s leading luxury tourist train, the Rocky Mountaineer is the perfect way to explore the Rockies in total comfort.

A specialist in luxury “rail tours”, Rocky Mountaineer was looking to refurbish the 16 bi-level domed cars in its “GoldLeaf” service range designed to provide panoramic views.

Having worked for Rocky Mountaineer as an engineering service provider for many years, this time, SYSTRA Canada was asked to manage the refurbishment of the first pilot car, and then all 15 cars in the “GoldLeaf” service range. It’s an “EPC” contract (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction).

SYSTRA Canada was responsible for:

  • Engineering services: feasibility studies, interior design, models, modelling, engineering and maintenance workshop designs, installation activities;
  • Inspecting designs to ensure they were regulations compliant;
  • Preparing contract and tender documents;
  • Implementing electrical and mechanical engineering work;
  • Works contract delivery;
  • Verifying and testing systems;
  • Quality controls and acceptance testing;
  • Assisting with systems commissioning;
  • Managing the warranty period;
  • Production of maintenance and operations manuals;
  • Continuous improvement programme including careful tracking of the performance of designs in use.

I am very pleased with what I have seen from SYSTRA Canada on this project. Your team’s eye for quality is exactly what we are looking for and you have made us proud of our project. The end product is fabulous. Thanks again” said Gord Miller, Vice President of Rail Operations and Asset Development, Rocky Mountaineer.

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