Mecca Metro

Mecca Metro

SYSTRA was employed by the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) in 2008 as project manager for the construction of the Southern Line of the Mecca metro network in Saudi Arabia.

The Southern Line runs through the Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah area and is designed to serve the pilgrims visiting Mecca. This line only runs for one week of the year and has been built to ease heavy congestion during the annual pilgrimage.
The city is now planning to build four more lines. The first phase involves the construction of the central sections of Lines B and C, with future phases seeing the addition of part of Line A, followed by Line D and extensions to Lines A, B and C.

Following the successful implementation of two projects by SYSTRA on the Southern Line, the Municipality of Mecca’s investment arm commissioned SYSTRA to carry out a feasibility study for a metro network for Mecca. SYSTRA’s tasks included:

  • Preparing studies on service, technical feasibility and environmental impact;
  • Defining investment and operation costs;
  • Construction phasing.

Following on from this contract, the Development Commission of Makkah and Mashaaer employed SYSTRA to prepare the preliminary designs for the first phase of Lines B and C and to provide pre-bid consultancy services.

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