Egypt – Tunnels under the Suez Canal

Egypt – Tunnels under the Suez Canal

SYSTRA won the project management contract to design and supervise the construction of three tunnels for cars and trains under the Suez Canal.

SYSTRA is in charge of building two motorway road tunnels and one rail tunnel under the Suez Canal to link the western city of Port Said to the new industrial areas being developed in the east. These tunnels also aim to link the highly populated districts in the Nile Delta to the Sinai Peninsula.

The rail tunnel will comprise a single tube 5.6 km tunnel with a further 2 km of cut and cover tunnel. The road tunnels will comprise twin tube 3.8 km tunnels with a further 800 m of cut and cover tunnel.

The project will also include the construction of approach roads above ground linking the tunnels to the existing road network or future planned developments. Once complete, these infrastructures will help drive economic growth in the Sinai Peninsula.


On this 60-month contract, SYSTRA is in charge of:

  • Assisting the commissioning authority with negotiations
  • Preparing contracts for contractors
  • Reviewing designs and supervising construction work on the tunnel and ventilation shafts
  • Installing railway systems and the maintenance centre (awarding tenders, supervising work)
  • Supervising commissioning, operation and maintenance activities
  • Supervising the activities of construction contractors
  • Assisting the commissioning authority during the defect liability period.
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