Brazil – Airport Planning and Integration Study

Brazil – Airport Planning and Integration Study

SYSTRA’s Brazilian subsidiary, Tectran, was commissioned by INFRAERO, Brazil’s public airport management authority to assess how well fifteen of its airports were integrated into their local urban environments.

The study covered the following airports:

  • Brasília
  • Galeão (Rio de Janeiro –international flights)
  • Santos Dumont (Rio de Janeiro – domestic flights)
  • Jacarepaguá
  • Guarulhos (São Paulo – international flights)
  • Congonhas (São Paulo – domestic flights)
  • Viracopos
  • Belém
  • Campo Grande
  • Cuiabá
  • Curitiba
  • Manaus
  • Salvador
  • Recife
  • Porto Alegre

Airports are decisive for urban development and must be able to handle large volumes of traffic (passengers and freight). These infrastructures must therefore be fully integrated with other modes of transport.


The objective of this 4-year study was for SYSTRA to recommend ways to better integrate these airports into their urban environments.

Study criteria included:

  • The structure of the airport and surrounding road network
  • Airport approach roads
  • An analysis of the integration potential for each airport with local modes of transport

It was then possible to:

  • Produce technical, economic and environmental viability studies
  • Compile traffic analyses
  • Analyse airport access using micro-simulation tools
  • Compile integration studies showing how each mode of transport could tie in with air traffic
  • Modify the size of access roads
  • Propose alternative solutions.
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