Technical details
Urban Renewal Authority / Sino Land Company Limited and Chinese Estates Holdings Limited

April 2021 – Completion Date

West Kowloon, Hong Kong
Wong Tung & Partners Limited, HBA Hirsch Bedner Associates, Arcadis Design & Engineering Limited, AECOM, Meinhardt (M&E) Limited, Arcadis Hong Kong Limited, Urbis Limited, CR Construction Limited
Transport Planning

Kwun Tong Town Centre (KTTC) is the largest and most complicated redevelopment project undertaken by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) which comprises with 5 Development Areas (DAs). SYSTRA MVA, as the lead traffic engineering and transport planning consultant, was responsible to provide traffic engineering solutions and design for KTTC Development Project since March 2007.


SYSTRA MVA carried out planning and design and construction stage services for the Hong Kong High Speed Rail West Kowloon Terminus (WKT) and the area nearby including the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD). WKT is the centrepiece of a transport hub formed by HSR, Airport Railway, Metro, and road-based transport set in a continuous traffic free pedestrian zone extending 80 hectares in West Kowloon.


The new two-storey Public Transport Interchange (PTI) at Yuen Man Square is a new generation of Transport Interchange Hubs alongside the Yue Man Square shopping mall “YM2” under KTTC Development Areas 2 and 3 (DAs 2 & 3) Project.  With a wide range of facilities under the “single site, multiple use” principle, it aims at enhancing overall transport connectivity, as well as providing people-centric and efficient public transport services for nearby residential areas and Central Business District at Kowloon East.

The bus terminus was designed as Hong Kong’s first indoor air-conditioned bus waiting area that separates passengers from vehicular traffic. The queuing area has been designed inside the mall and gates open on bus arrival. The indoor waiting area is integrated with the shopping centre and connected to four major streets of the area, with 10 pedestrian entrances and exits through the 24-hour public passageway of the shopping mall “YM2”.

An artificial intelligence (AI) sensor-controlled boarding gate system at the bus terminus has been adopted to help ensure safety. Locally-developed smart air induction units have been installed at the minibus terminus to enhance ventilation. Also, space has been reserved for the potential installation of three fast-charging facilities of electric public light. Yue Man Square is also fully covered with 5G mobile network. Public can connect to the network to receive real-time transport information and to browse the bus schedules.

Situated on the ground floor, the minibus terminus is 5 times larger than the temporary stops, with 97,000 square feet site area. The terminus has successfully consolidated 21 green minibus and red public light bus routes. The new facility will hopefully alleviate traffic in Kwun Tong.

By integrating various modes of transportation, providing enhanced facilities and road improvement works, the project aims to improve connectivity, reduce congestion, and enhance the overall commuting experience for residents and visitors in Kwun Tong Town Centre.


The project aims at bringing environmental improvements, rationalising the road network through re-planning and restructuring of land uses, and enhancing pedestrian connectivity between railway station and public transport interchange. It can facilitate the implementation of transport policy set out in the Third Comprehensive Transport Study (CTS) by Hong Kong government – better integration of transport and land use planning, and better use of railways as the backbone of transport system.

Also, the government is carrying out a comprehensive Traffic and Transport Strategy Study (TTSS) with a view to improving the public transport services by prioritizing the needs of passengers and incorporating innovative design features and technologies. The Public Transport Interchange (PTI) at Yue Man Square can act as an example of how to provide people-centric and efficient public transport services in not only the re-developed area, but also within the expansion of New Development Areas (NDAs) and new towns.

Project Key Figures

    • Site Area: 21,754m2
    • Gross Floor Area: 138,980 m2 (Residential), 17021 m2 (Retail), 15000 m2 (Public Transport Interchange), 1520 m2 (Government, Institution or Community facilities)
    • Building Height: 178mPD
    • Number of Rooms: 1,999 flats