Using active mobility data to help transport planners optimise cycling networks.


CYCLOPS is a digital planning solution that integrates active mobility data to help transport planners and decision makers optimise cycling networks.

Determination of the most suitable routes between two points. Several scenarios are proposed with variations of route crossings and infrastructure adaptations.

Modelling of your CYCLING FLOWS

For many decades cycling was never seen as a viable method of transportation and as such, infrastructure and planning has long been neglected. Thankfully this is changing.

Accurately modelling cycling flows is a critical element underpinning investment in active travel infrastructure – if modelling isn’t sufficiently robust:

  • Investment may be given to other modes where benefits are easier to quantify;
  • There may be active travel investment, but it may be delivered ineffectively resulting in poor monitoring outcomes and less future support.


By using data, stakeholders responsible for planning cycle routes such as governments and local councils can assess the potential of many different routes.

This will deliver wide ranging benefits including:

  • Prioritise investment;
  • Improve robustness of business case planning;
  • Enhance transparency and communication with stakeholders;
  • Facilitate trust in the decision-making process;
  • Help cities and communities realise the benefits of cycling through improved livability, sustainability, and mobility.

CYCLOPS benefits all stakeholders involved in planning, funding, and establishing cycling routes. These include staff at all state governments, local councils, and construction firms who are concerned with active transport planning, integrated transport planning, cities, and transport projects. 


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