SYSTRA to Transform Journeys Across Toronto

March 20, 2023 – The MCS consortium – made up of Mace, Comtech and SYSTRA – is pleased to announce it has been awarded the contract for Delivery Partner Services to support Metrolinx’s Scarborough Subway Extension and Yonge North Subway Extension in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada. These multi-billion-dollar projects will extend the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC’s) existing subway network by approximately 16 kilometres and accommodate nearly 200,000 trips each day.

MCS will integrate as a delivery partner with Metrolinx’s team to support these significant subway projects. Already, the three firms are working as an integrated team with Metrolinx, supporting the delivery of the rail infrastructure program, GO Expansion, which was awarded in a Program Delivery Partner contract at the start of 2022. As with GO Expansion, the Scarborough Subway Extension and Yonge North Subway Extension are set to have a transformative impact on local communities in Ontario, helping to reduce travel times and improve access to jobs, schools and other important destinations throughout the region.

Image courtesy of Metrolinx

The Scarborough Subway Extension will bring subway service nearly eight kilometres farther into Toronto’s east end, providing quick and seamless transit for those heading into and out of downtown Toronto and those travelling within Scarborough. Meanwhile, the Yonge North Subway Extension will extend subway service approximately eight kilometres from the existing Finch Station into the cities of Markham, Vaughan and Richmond Hill. Once complete, both projects will connect with local and GO Transit services.

Having already collaborated successfully on GO Expansion for the past year, Mace, Comtech and SYSTRA bring a highly compatible skillset to the delivery partner approach on these subway extension projects. Mace draws on global best practice from its successful role as a delivery partner on the London 2012 Olympic Games and the mobilization of large integrated teams on major infrastructure programs. Meanwhile, Comtech leverages its local expertise in program delivery and digital transformation working within Metrolinx’s capital projects portfolio, and the French engineering firm SYSTRA brings an extensive international track record in rail construction, operations and maintenance.

Image courtesy of Metrolinx

The Scarborough and Yonge North Subway Extensions contract is a further validation of the strength of the MCS Consortium. SYSTRA is a world leader in rail, participating in 50% of the subway programs worldwide. SYSTRA Canada is thrilled to mobilize that expertise, along with our partners, to help bring a world class transportation network to Toronto. We look forward to collaborating with Metrolinx, Infrastructure Ontario and TTC to realize these ambitious service improvements.

Dave Spagnolo, CEO – SYSTRA Canada

We are delighted to be awarded a Delivery Partner contract with our partners SYSTRA and Comtech. This is another game-changing program for the Province of Ontario, and, as a win, it is a testament to the strength of the collaborative delivery partner approach. We are looking forward to continuing our journey as MCS with Metrolinx and doing our part to create an inspiring legacy for the people in the Greater Toronto Area.

Jason Millett, CEO of Consultancy, Mace

We are incredibly proud to be a part of the MCS consortium, awarded the contract for Delivery Partner for the Scarborough Subway Extension and Yonge North Subway Extension in the Greater Toronto Area. These projects will bring transformative benefits to local communities, improving access to jobs, schools and other important destinations, while reducing travel time. The MSC partnership brings a unique set of expertise, and we are confident that our consortium will drive successful outcomes for Metrolinx and this multi-billion-dollar project.

Andrew Philip, Executive Vice President, Transportation and Infrastructure, Comtech Group

Working with MCS will help us ensure these projects are delivered as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Establishing this partnership brings us an important step closer to bringing faster, better transit to people across the region.

Mark Ciavarro, Executive Vice President, Subway Extensions, Metrolinx
RTL Awards a Mandate to Support Electrification of Operations Center

The mandate is divided into two phases:

  1. During the first phase, the consortium will carry out a preliminary study and design covering all of the actions required to implement the recharging infrastructures for 280 buses. This phase also includes an outdoor shelter for 25 electric buses.
  2. The second phase consists of the realization of the plans and specifications for the outdoor shelter, as well as its construction. This pilot project will allow for a performance evaluation of the charging process in a Northern context. This phase also includes the upgrade of the electrical entrance while considering future demand.

SYSTRA Canada will use its past experience in various electrification mandates to undertake the following tasks:

Architectural and Engineering Services for Transportation Electrification

The mandate is divided into three phases:

  1. The first phase consists in the expansion of the maintenance area by adding three maintenance bays, a goods reception area, and the addition of a new warehouse. For Phase 1, SyBEL will develop the functional and technical program, 100% of drawings and specifications, and assist STTR during construction.
  2. The second phase includes a two-story expansion of the bus storage area to accommodate 18 additional buses and all equipment related to electrification. Similarly to Phase 1, SyBEL will produce the functional and technical program, 100% drawings and specifications, and assist the STTR during construction.
  3. Phase 3 includes the functional and technical program for the upgrade of the existing garage to accommodate electric buses.

SYSTRA Canada will draw on its experience in various electrification mandates and will oversee the following aspects:

SYSTRA Canada Delivery Partner for GO Expansion Project in Toronto

Mace, Comtech, and SYSTRA, working as the MCS consortium, are pleased to announce it has been awarded the contract of Program Delivery Partner to support Metrolinx’s GO Expansion program. MCS will establish a program level management regime to integrate all aspects of the GO Expansion program through the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of program-wide systems, processes, and procedures in order to support ‘Best for Program’ decision making, subject to Metrolinx’s governance, policies, and procedures.

MCS will be integrated as delivery partners with Metrolinx to manage this complex program of works, which includes new stations, electrification of existing lines, installing new rail lines, upgrading existing stations, signalling, and more. The Program Delivery model brings skilled external partners into the Metrolinx team, to collaborate in managing integration and delivery of major projects through all phases.

The 10-year rail infrastructure program, GO Expansion, is Metrolinx’s largest and most ambitious endeavour to date and aims to expand the GO Transit rail service. With a long-term vision of providing two-way, all-day service, every 15 minutes or less on core segments of its rail network, Metrolinx will provide increased connections between communities.

As an infrastructure program, GO Expansion will support the growing regional economy through job creation and improved connectivity, unlocking investment and urban development in the province of Ontario. The combination of cleaner, electric trains and more people using metro-style transit will also significantly improve air quality in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Together, the three firms will draw on their individual strengths for the benefit of the program. Mace will leverage British expertise from the mobilization of large integrated teams on the HS2 program at Euston Station in London as well as Birmingham New Street Station, and from its successful role as a delivery partner for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

In equal measure, Metrolinx will benefit from Comtech’s experience delivering multiple mandates within Metrolinx’s capital projects portfolio and expertise in program delivery and information system management, along with French engineering firm SYSTRA’s extensive international track record in rail construction, operations, and maintenance.

We are delighted to be part of this Metrolinx project with our partners Mace and Comtech. As an international engineering firm with extensive experience in transportation systems and a strong presence in Canada, we are proud to be part of the team that will deliver this ambitious project for Metrolinx. Together, we will combine expertise, innovation, and a focus on user needs to provide the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area with the most sustainable infrastructure possible.

Dave Spagnolo, CEO of SYSTRA Canada
SYSTRA Wins Major Rolling Stock Procurement Contract

SYSTRA’s mandate includes project management, engineering services for design reviews, production oversight, quality assurance and support for testing, validation, and commissioning over a 6 year period.

Although exo has selected an existing product, the Engineering phase will focus on compliance with Canadian regulatory requirements and operating conditions, as well as ensuring compatibility with exo’s existing fleets.

The procurement contract includes an option for additional locomotives, which if exercised, will ensure long-term collaboration between SYSTRA & exo.

We are proud and excited to be part of this important program. Our extensive experience in major procurement projects will allow us to contribute to the execution of this project. We look forward to working with exo on the modernization of their fleet in a safe and sustainable way.

Joe Sarkis, Vice President, Rolling Stock
La Grande Alliance: Feasibility Study for Phase 1

Montreal, QC (April 20, 2021) – The Vision Eeyou Istchee Consortium (the “Consortium”), which consists of Stantec, SYSTRA and Desfor, with assistance from KPMG, has been selected by the Cree Development Corporation (CDC) to complete the feasibility study for Phase 1 of the La Grande Alliance’s infrastructure projects in northern Quebec. The study is part of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Cree-Quebec Sustainable Infrastructure Development Program in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Region.

The Consortium will conduct a study to evaluate the feasibility of the following infrastructure, in close collaboration with local communities and in harmony with sustainable development objectives:

We are embarking on a journey that will mark the beginning of a new relationship between First Nations and how infrastructure and any development is planned on the lands on which they depend. The upcoming Feasibility Study is innovative in that Cree communities and land users will be the primary voice in contemplating and planning infrastructure with a view to promoting true balance between traditional activity and development. The Vision Eeyou Istchee Team understood the importance of ensuring that the vision must come from community members and land users and so we are excited to take the first step in imagining a brighter future for Eeyou Istchee with them.

Davey Bobbish, President, Cree Development Corporation

We are very proud and honoured to partner with the Cree Development Corporation (CDC) for their Grande Alliance vision, which will contribute to the development of Cree communities, increase interconnectivity and protect the Northern Quebec region. This study aims to improve the communities’ quality of life through the expansion of the transportation network. It will be carried out with the utmost respect for the land and Cree heritage, and will integrate sustainable development practices.

Alessandro Cirella, Director at Stantec and the Consortium’s Project Director

The Consortium will make use of a wide variety of experts in the social sciences, heritage preservation, environment, railways, road engineering, bridges, transportation economics and infrastructure financing. The team will produce a socio-environmental study, market research, a technical feasibility study and an analysis of financing options and risks. A major onsite information gathering campaign and stakeholder consultation meetings are planned to identify sites of cultural and heritage significance and environmental constraints.


SYSTRA Canada is an engineering and consulting firm whose primary focus is to offer transportation solutions for passengers or goods. SYSTRA Canada is part of the SYSTRA Group.

With its main office in Montreal (Quebec) since 1991, SYSTRA Canada delivers innovative consulting, engineering and project management services in all fields of transportation, including track and infrastructure, rolling stock, railway operations, signalling and telecommunications, economic and financial studies, marketing, institutional and management consulting, as well as support services.

Our service offer is grouped into three markets:

SYSTRA Canada has successfully carried out over 900 projects all over the world. SYSTRA Canada is recognized worldwide for its comprehensive railway expertise, whether in the freight and mining sector, promoting its knowledge of North American standards and rules, or in passenger mobility, offering a full set of expertise and know-how.

SYSTRA Canada Wins REM de l’Est Project

This section is designated as REM de l’Est in the city of Montreal. The REM de l’Est project, as it is known, is being carried out by CDPQ Infra, a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), which fosters large public infrastructure projects and is the owner and operator of the REM. It follows on from the feasibility studies completed by the AECOM-SYSTRA JV.

This line, consisting of a common downtown core, is divided into two branches, going respectively to the northeast sector of Montreal near Cégep Marie-Victorin and to the east of the island as far as the Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles borough.


Currently at the construction phase, the REM is the largest public transportation project in Quebec for half a century. The development of Montreal’s East End and its economic regeneration is a priority for the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec. It has been announced by the Prime Minister as the biggest investment in Public Transportation in Quebec’s history. The bus network and a new fully automatic metro line together aim to provide a coherent, comprehensive, efficient, and attractive overall transportation offer. The urban integration of a new automatic light rail transit system, the REM, is a major factor in the success of this urban requalification project for the East end of Montreal.

The REM Route

This assignment represents a great challenge for the teams and, after the Quebec tram, will position SYSTRA Canada a step further as a key actor in transit in Canada. With the outstanding experience accumulated in automatic metros around the world, the SYSTRA teams are more than ready to meet that challenge. We are delighted that our client CDPQ Infra continues to place its trust in our abilities and we want to live up to their expectations as we look forward to working with them on future projects in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Samuel Derosiaux, Transit Executive Vice President


​The project will be structured around four main phases: a project assimilation phase and definition of all design criteria, a volumetric definition phase to identify the project’s rights-of-way, land impacts on the city and inform the environmental impact study, a more in-depth design study phase on the works and operating scenarios selected at the end of Phase 2, and a formalization phase of the performance specifications for the call for tenders, the documents of which will be drawn up during this same phase. The team will then assist CDPQ Infra, supporting them along the procurement phase.


The REM de l’Est will reduce the impact of road traffic on the environment and stimulate economic development. The East and North branches will attract companies, investment, and residents, whose mobility will be greatly enhanced. For example, it currently takes up to an hour and twenty minutes by car or bus to travel between the city center and Pointe-aux-Trembles. With the REM de l’Est the journey will take just 25 minutes.

SYSTRA To Play Major Role in Metro Line Project


The SYSTRA team is leading on the Train Control and Rolling Stock scope of the project and is playing​ a key role in system integration for the Ontario Line, the largest single expansion in Toronto’s subway history and one of four projects announced in the Province of Ontario’s 2019 Budget as part of its Subway Transit Plan for the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area. The line is intended to serve fast-growing areas such as Liberty Village, as well as underserviced priority neighbourhoods including Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park.

This Ontario Line project is the first major project for SYSTRA in Toronto. It confirms SYSTRA’s winning strategy in Canada following the major successes achieved in recent months such as the Quebec tramway, Réno Systèmes, the new LRT in Montreal and the Longueuil tramway.

Samuel Derosiaux, Executive Vice President, Transit

The Ontario Line represents an exciting investment for Toronto, and we are delighted to have been chosen to work on such a significant project. This is a great opportunity for the teams involved, based in Toronto, Montreal, and Paris, to make the most of SYSTRA’s collaborative approach.

Selva Chelliah, Vice President – Systems, Transit at SYSTRA Canada

The Ontario Line will have economic and social benefits in the form of community growth and job creation opportunities along the future line and will provide 154,000 more people with walking distance access to rapid transit. The line will provide relief for the existing subway system, reduce daily travel times and have a positive effect on traffic congestion.

SYSTRA Canada Selected for STM’s Metro Maintenance Program

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) has selected SYSTRA Canada, who will be the leader of a partnership with WSP Canada, to support them in the implementation of a major asset management/replacement program, Réno-Systèmes, with regards to Montreal’s metro equipment and infrastructure.

This long-term mandate (minimum of six years) will allow our team, based in STM’s project office, to bring its expertise and know-how to the successful implementation of the specific Reno-Systems program, which specifically covers disciplines such as:

This success is a major step in the recognition by metro system operators and asset managers in Canada that SYSTRA is a natural partner for the successful implementation of such critical programs.