We are certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO International Standards, obtained through the efforts of our connected teams:

ISO 9001

It is a Quality Management system that continuously improves the service provided to customers, the effectiveness of management and the company’s procedures.

Quality, continuous improvement and the effectiveness of management processes are a priority. Our commitment to technical excellence and expertise in every area in which we operate enhances our ability to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients.

ISO 14001

It is an Environmental Management system that aims to help companies identify, prioritize and manage their environmental risks as part of their usual practices.

Preserving the environment is a responsibility we take seriously. Our commitment to a sustainable future means promoting benchmark solutions for reducing environmental impacts.

ISO 45001

It is an Occupational Health and Safety Management system that aims primarily to improve the health and safety of workers, reduce risks in the workplace and create better and safer working conditions.

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure work environment (3S), conducive to dialogue and collaboration, promoting the well-being of our teams, clients and partners.


We assume our responsibility and manage the main risks in accordance with the Group’s policies:

  • SAFETY, SECURITY AND HEALTH (3S) – Using our professional techniques and expertise, we work with our clients and partners to provide a safer world together.
  • ETHICS – SYSTRA’s reputation for integrity is based on impeccable business conduct and strict compliance with national laws and international conventions.
  • ENVIRONMENT – We promote sustainability and actively contribute to reducing our environmental impact in our projects and workplaces.

3s policy: health and safety

At SYSTRA, we want to be the signature team for transportation solutions. Excellence in Health, Safety and Security (3S) is vital to achieving this ambition. We want to be recognized as a 3S-conscious team. Together, working with our employees, partners and clients, we can contribute to a safer world through our mobility projects.


SYSTRA is a global leader in transportation engineering and consulting. On a daily basis, we plan, design and supervise the construction of transport infrastructures, which can have significant effects and benefits on the environment, both during the construction and operation phases. This gives us a special responsibility. At a time when it is increasingly urgent to build sustainable solutions and preserve the future of the planet, SYSTRA must respond to these great challenges with its values of excellence, connected teams and audacious leadership.


Our ambition at the SYSTRA Group is to be the signature team in transport and mobility solutions. This ambition cannot be achieved without Ethics and Compliance (E&C). By giving our employees clear guidelines on these topics and working with our clients and partners to promote ethical business practices, we can contribute to a fairer world through the projects we develop.


We are home to the people who solve the technical challenges of the future every day, sustaining global growth and prosperity. At SYSTRA we inspire confidence in the places where we operate by providing safe, long-lasting transportation solutions.

We preserve our business through our development plan:

  • PEOPLE – Our employees are at the root of our success. Therefore, we must cultivate talents and skills on a global basis to support our development plan.
  • LEADERSHIP IN OUR MARKETS – Maintaining and growing our strong global presence and customer satisfaction will enable us to play a key role in iconic projects around the world.
  • ROBUSTNESS – SYSTRA’s success and longevity depend on our ability to manage, mitigate and control the stability of our performance.

We show commitment and responsibility through local initiatives that contribute to society:

  • QUALITY OF LIFE AT WORK – People are our most valuable assets. We create an inclusive work environment that promotes equality while defending diversity, individual development and collective well-being.
  • LOCAL DEVELOPMENT – We encourage actions that promote progress, in our projects and regarding local populations.
  • PROMOTING HUMAN RIGHTS – We see mobility and transportation as an inclusive force, bringing opportunities to all. By enabling mobility, our work strengthens communities and improves people’s access to employment, education and leisure. We consciously consider the social and political impact always associated with infrastructure projects.

In addition to our 3S, Ethics and Compliance, Environmental and General Policies, our CEO and Executive Board are committed to the confidentiality of information of any value and content. This commitment is set out in a Confidentiality and Impartiality Agreement, which is available to any individual who wishes to access it in full, simply by making a request through our service channels on this website.


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