As we transition to a cleaner energy future, Pumped Hydro is not only viable but a proven form of energy storage.

What is Pumped Hydro?

Storage is becoming an increasingly important part of our energy mix as it helps to secure our energy future, particularly as our reliance on solar and wind power grows. Pumped Hydro in many ways is a large rechargeable battery. With two dams at different elevations, Pumped Hydro generates power as water moves down from one to the other, passing through a turbine. The system then releases water back into the lower reservoir to recharge.

Hydro Power generators at a dam

Pumped Hydro Opportunity

In Australia, the Australian Energy Market Operator has forecasted that by the 2040’s, the country will need 15 GW of large-scale storage. Pumped Hydro offers a more flexible, efficient, and powerful way to manage supply and demand for electricity. For our clients, this transition provides an enormous opportunity for those looking to integrate renewable solutions and enhance the stability of the grid.

Our Approach

Opportunities with pumped hydro energy storage technology for a clean energy future are plentiful, especially when combined with other renewables. Since SWS joined the SYSTRA group, we have been developing advanced skills in the field of damns, hydraulics studies and hydropower facilities. SYSTRA provides specialised engineering, project management and risk management services for water infrastructure.

Our clients recognize our unique combination of quality and creative thinking, which allows our engineers to deliver a wide set of services, ranging from feasibility studies to detailed design and construction assistance.

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Pumped Hydro

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