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As the fossil-fuel era draws to its close, governments, businesses and communities face significant challenges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deliver a more sustainable world.

From national networks to individual assets, key decision-makers need to rapidly implement clean energy solutions to enable a transition while also making calls to either retro-fit or shut-down existing infrastructure.

How we help

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Net Zero Transportation

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Pumped Hydro and Dams

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Our Approach

SYSTRA is committed to helping our clients unlock opportunities to advance a more sustainable world and enable economic, environmental and social benefits.

We deliver holistic sustainability and energy outcomes throughout the project cycle with our team of experts capable of delivering innovative solutions to highly complex projects. We design projects with the future in mind and consider its response to the impacts of climate change, resource efficiency, governance and procurement.

Our focus on achieving climate positive outcomes enables us to deliver projects that:

  • Avoid the depletion of non-renewable resources such as energy and water
  • Enhance live, work, and play amenities
  • Stimulate opportunities by connecting people to education and jobs
  • Create enduring solutions with affordable and equitable mobility

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