Describe your role?

The main focus of my role is in delivering and coordinating tunnel projects for the business. More specifically I work as part of a project team providing design and construction advice across the delivery cycle. This includes the development of business cases, concept designs, detailed construction phase services and site management.

Why do you do what you do?

I enjoy solving problems. With civil engineering and tunnelling you get to have a positive impact on how cities work and how people move around them.

What are the 3 important qualities or skills in your job?

As a consultant, I would say that the 3 most important qualities are:

  • Be collaborative

Tunnelling is a multidisciplinary industry where you’re required to alongside many different stakeholders from architects to durability experts and everyone in between. Any project can have hundreds if not thousands of individuals working on them, so you need to be able to able work with a lot of different people.

  • Technical capabilities and understanding

Tunnels are complex. Knowing how they work along with all the systems and processes that complete them is essential. Our expertise is built on the foundation of knowing the what, the why and the how of these systems.

  • Listen

It’s important we understand what our clients are actually asking for so we’re not designing solutions that meet our clients’ needs rather and objectives. To deliver projects that deliver outcomes we need to be able to tailor it to our clients’ needs meeting product, constructability, and deliverable requirements.


There are two things that really stand out to me that’s our ability to uphold our values of connected teams and excellence.

As a global company with teams in 65 countries, we are able to collaborate with tunnelling experts across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It means there is always someone who can help you solve complex problems which may be unique to one but not the other.

And secondly, our commitment to excellence means that we continue to be seen as industry leaders in what we do. We deliver project outcomes above and beyond our footprint and presence on the project. We create positive outcomes for our clients and communities which means we are also able to attract the best and most enthusiastic talent.