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Editorial                                             Summary

 By forcing half of the planet to be confined, the crisis re-  Telling                  A brief
 minded us how mobile we are in our professional and per-  numbers                    history of
 sonal lives. And by depriving us momentarily of their use, it   p. 7                 the metro
 proved the importance of public transportation in all of our                              p. 8
 lives.  For  the  metro  belongs  to  the  mundane,  as  French
 author Georges Perec once said, “what happens everyday
 and comes back the next day, the banal, the day to day, the
 obvious, the common, the ordinary, the infra-ordinary, the
 background noise, the  usual”.

 Tomorrow, when the metro is back on track, perhaps we
 will be amazed by this robust and resistant machine, fluid   An itinerary
 and without friction. Perhaps we will briefly realise how   under the
 innovative it is, before reintegrating it back into our day to   open sky
 day, until we forget its presence. But until then, and star-  p. 10
 ting now, the metro will have to learn to live in a world   The metro:
 scarred by crises that are deeper and deeper and repeated.   between
 We will have to get used to reacting and finding answers.   crisis and                Meeting
 It will finally affirm its place in an ecosystem and contribute
 to structuring our collaborations with one another. In this   opportunity                with
 way, it can continue to do what it knows best: being the   p. 12                  Philippe Rahm
 backbone of our day to day, rigid enough to structure our                                p. 16
 lives, but supple enough to bend to all possible futures.

 Pierre Verzat,
 Chairman of the Board of SYSTRA
                                                 A virtual metro

 Jérôme Ruskin,   The metro                at the service of reality
 Executive Director of Usbek & Rica  in all its ordinary   p. 18
                      p. 20


                   questions                  The metro in 2035:
                      p. 24                  three scenarios for a                    The metro

                                             station of the future                       in SF
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