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SYSTRA provides a whole range of services for your project which will support you in the evolution of your thinking, helps you to resolve complex mobility trade-offs in your area, and will solidify the delivery of your projects from A to Z. Our unique approach guarantees you efficiency, success and peace of mind. Our engineers design sustainable infrastructure which is geared to meet the requirements of flexible and responsive operation.

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SYSTRA works in partnership with you to support your initial deliberations, far in advance of the project. Our decision-making tools enable you to assess whether the objectives are realistic, to identify possible solutions, to study the feasibility of each option and to set out the likely phases of the project, including aspects relating to the local community, as well as technical, environmental and financial considerations.


The most crucial decisions about the future operations of the transport system have to be taken at this stage. SYSTRA can make real-time simulations of operating conditions to guide decision-makers with regard to changes in the transport landscape.


After this stage, many of the options selected will no longer be able to be modified. SYSTRA advises on the reliability of the system to achieve the required performance, calculates the timing and duration of the project, and provides a first robust estimate of the investment required.


As it examines the implementation of the project in more depth, SYSTRA tackles any issues with a high sensitivity to remove any ambiguity and avoid uncertainty. The work covers both the conditions for construction and installation, and performance.


The role of engineering is crucial during design studies and all the more so, during the construction and systems integration phases. SYSTRA brings to bear its skill and judgement in allocating roles and responsibilities and its advice on resolving the most complex situations.


These checks, area by area, ensure that each component of the transport system will be in the condition required for the integration trials. SYSTRA’s extensive knowledge of technology and the construction standards enable it to objectively assess the state of the equipment, the infrastructure and the rolling stock.


At this stage, the developers, constructors, suppliers and fitters in charge of delivering a fully operational system to the user assess whether it achieves the required standard of performance. SYSTRA acts as a technological and contractual co-ordinator to orchestrate the integration trials and to provide any fine-tuning, if needed.


Any reservations expressed during the trial phase could result in a reduction in the level of performance, but absolute safety must be ensured. SYSTRA monitors the initial sensitive period following the public launch of the service, and reports on the technical reliability of the structures and how well the owner and operator are handling the new system.


This phase of the project is on-going and alterations to the original designs may prove necessary. SYSTRA supports the owner or the operator over the long-term in detecting any possible malfunctions or loss of efficiency. SYSTRA can also act fully independently to carry out audits aimed at assessing the true state of the transport system.

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