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Fields of expertise

Transport systems

SYSTRA has unique expertise in building safe, operable and reliable transport infrastructures.

Our teams are responsible for developing and integrating all the transport systems, inter-modal systems and system elements as well as and anticipating issues associated with the environment and energy management.

This department employs a team of over 200 engineers and technicians with specialist or multi-disciplinary expertise.

They work in a variety of fields.

  • Railway engineering operations
    Under the management of highly qualified experts, our railway operations department specialises in understanding and modelling railway and station operations and track guided infrastructures.
  • Urban and suburban engineering operations
    Managed by a special unit reporting to the RATP, these engineers help to develop operations programmes upstream of infrastructure designs. They address the problems associated with new unattended train operations and the automation of existing lines, including the employment, technical and safety issues related to these new operating methods.
    In addition it guarantees optimum levels of performance and optimal costs in terms of investment, operations and maintenance allowing for reliable lifecycle modelling of equipment, operations, infrastructure and materials.
  • The Control System and telecommunication infrastructures
    This involves introducing systems that can be upgraded and adapted to the specific needs of operators. SYSTRA is a recognised player in this field, an increasingly important role, as automation levels grow along with the safety requirements. SYSTRA is involved in developing information technologies that offer users real-time information on their transport networks - information previously only available to the network operator. For SYSTRA, the human factor is also an essential feature of its command post design, since it is clear that installing tools to minimize operator stress is an important safety factor.
  • Tracks
    SYSTRA has expertise in all types of tracks (from tracks for vehicles with tyres to high-speed trains and track guided systems) and project phases (studies, design and construction). SYSTRA works on new line construction and the regeneration or modernisation of existing lines. SYSTRA uses tools to optimize route planning for both conventional track and high-speed lines as well as for urban lines, which involve a different range of geometric constraints (turning radius, flat turns and passing over or under existing infrastructures).
  • Energy
    SYSTRA works with the SNCF and RATP to develop power supplies that optimise energy management on a qualitative and quantitative level since this is a major issue in transport today. To achieve this, SYSTRA uses proprietary simulation models calibrated on lines operating a wide variety of rolling stock. These scoping studies go hand in hand with an analysis of operator requirements in terms of electrical supply availability. In addition, SYSTRA pays particular attention to new energy capture systems (urban systems that do not use overhead cables) - which are often at odds with the objective of optimal use of energy - and the use of equipment designed to compensate for the weaknesses generated by electrical traction. These are fields where our consultancy work is the well-thought out result of detailed and objective appraisal, at arms length from industrial developments.
  • Signalling and methods of operation
    The most demanding field in terms of safety, signalling studies carried out by SYSTRA conform strictly to international norms and accepted practices. The main concern on all signalling projects is the ability to check and show that performance and safety requirements correspond precisely to the requirements of the transport method in question. SYSTRA is expert at designing railway systems that offer the greatest number of manoeuvres and flexibility, the ability to run different generations of rolling-stock and interchange between conventional and high-speed tracks. SYSTRA is a recognized player in deploying the interoperable concepts developed by European standards bodies. SYSTRA uses urban transportation system technologies that allow real-time management of train dynamics and deploys them on both new lines and the automation of existing lines. SYSTRA can also advise operators aware of the problems involved in migrating classic systems to technologically advanced new systems.
  • Maintenance and Safety
    In this field, SYSTRA provides strategic advice to infrastructure managers as well as maintenance services.

Rolling stock and workshops

SYSTRA can also offer tried and tested or innovative industrial rolling stock solutions and by introducing rolling stock renovation programmes that meet new comfort and safety criteria and offset usual or unexpected wear and tear. SYSTRA has obtained feedback on a wide range of materials that provides the Group with genuine expertise in analysis and assessing industrial solutions and innovations.


By adopting a long-term attitude to durability and technological obsolescence.

SYSTRA’s expertise: having defined the rolling stock required, SYSTRA defines the infrastructures required to maintain them by considering both the ability and willingness of future operators to take over all or part of the maintenance and upgrade work. The Group adopts an integrated approach to train maintenance that includes the location of the workshops by size, accessibility and available technical expertise to carry out unusual or difficult operations.


SYSTRA’s expertise in this field is based on feedback from the networks operated by its shareholders.

Thanks to this expertise, SYSTRA is able to suggest suitable maintenance services based on the reliability and age of the equipment and infrastructures.

SYSTRA is also able to anticipate material life cycle, equipment and infrastructure costs with a view to sustainable development and optimising initial investment costs.

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