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Fields of expertise


Sustainable development, preserving biodiversity and environmental protection low carbon design are central to SYSTRA’s approach for each project.

We have therefore developed specialist expertise to provide targeted solutions to environmental integration issues.

  • Sustainable Development Engineering (low carbon)
    Designed to develop mobility projects that combine performance and lower environmental impact.
  • Ecology management
    Incorporating conservation issues and the need to protect biodiversity and natural habitats at an early stage and throughout the entire project.
  • Landscaping
    Improving a project’s aesthetic appeal and overall quality through landscaping to ensure it blends into the natural local environment.
  • Regulations
    Understanding local legislation to build transport infrastructure projects that conform to environmental protection requirements. Our engineers and environmental analysts have genuine expertise in this field, in carrying out feasibility studies and consultancy activities to optimise administrative procedures.


Transport infrastructures play a decisive and structural role in regional and city planning, but must also address two major issues: environmental protection and energy efficiency.

To this end, SYSTRA and its teams undertake to design systems with consistent mobility and land planning objectives.


By combining accurate diagnoses with systems that anticipate future developments and are in line with existing approaches.

SYSTRA provides valuable expertise by sharing its global vision on the types of transport required, potential issues and possible solutions, with commissioning bodies. SYSTRA helps them to establish coordinated policies and to assess their impact both before and after implementation.

The multidisciplinary nature of SYSTRA’s teams (architects, engineers, urban planners, economists, environmental engineers) is ideal for developing sustainable projects.

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